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Your words were the bullets, trying to take me down, make me feel smaller.


Dealing the reality of life is as hard as counting billion of visible stars in a night sky. You will be able to encounter challenges that would somehow test your durability and faith as a human being. Pain would be part of this. Pain is inevitable, they say. One must experience pain in order for him to feel success in life.

But, is it not too much? I mean, let’s face the circumstance of experiencing pain. However, it’s too much.

Bucket of tears.

Bucket of tears streaming down on my face everytime I would think about how useless I am.

A useless blob.

A useless blob that wished for a peaceful mindset rather than a crap life. A useless blob that expresses thoughts and emotions yet being judged by many. A useless blob that aims to be happy with the life that she has still, crashed by many.

A useless blob who carries all the shits that everyone throws.






A useless blob who wrotes to prove that she is worth more than anything. And a useless blob that says, “No words can bring me down. I am worth it, period.”

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Thank you for always reminding me

what butterflies feel like. Thank you

for showing me the cutest smile that

no one has (only you haha jk) Your

eyes and the way you smile radiates a

warm glow that fills the pit within my

heart wherein I never knew the feeling

would exist.

Thank you for making me fall in love

while touching me without using your


Damn, I never knew this feeling would

be as massive as this. You were just

the transferee guy that no one noticed.

But when you started to move your

gentle gestures, I started liking you.

And suddenly, all the love songs were

all about you.

Thank you for everything A.

But there’s no any reason to continue.

Still, you’re the temporary guy that

leaves a mark in my heart.

good bye.




She flew the winds on angel wings.

But left her on the strum of guitar strings. 

Within each pluck of every string, 


chords course through her veins, 

seizing the very depth of her being. 

As she gazed into his eyes, 

There is something that made her realize, 

Attraction, affection and passion 

Felt a stinging and burning sensation. 

Bedazzled as he played the guitar, 

A born original and a wonderful superstar. 

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